There’s winning, and then there’s twenty-three to two winning.

Houston didn’t take too long to open the floodgates at Camden Yards in their Saturday night matchup against the (always) struggling Baltimore Orioles. Opening the game with a three run first inning all in part to an Alex Bregman two run home run, and a Yordan Alvarez solo shot, which was hit directly after. Houston followed their offensive showing with a five run second inning. Up 8-1 in only the third inning this game was essentially over before it really began.

Let’s break it down.

After going up 3-1 after the first inning of play, Houston went on a mission to build on the already commanding lead that they had. A big help came from none other than Jose Altuve who blasted a three hundred- and sixty-five-foot moonshot to left field on only the third pitch of the at bat in the top of the second inning. That brought in Josh Reddick to tack on an extra run, pushing Houston’s lead to 6-1 before we were even one third of the way through the ballgame. After pushing their lead to 7-1, Alex Bregman was able to tack on another Houston run in quite possibly the easiest way. Walking home from third base on a balk (some rule I still don’t understand, and probably never will.)

Jose Altuve wasn’t the only one who got his hands on the hot bat this early in the game. Carlos Correa was able to get full control of a ninety mile per hour, four seem fastball that launched 474, yes 474, feet. Correa’s blast was the furthest ball hit at Camden Yards since 2015, stretching over both bullpens in left center field.

Surprisingly, the Astros’ bats stayed quiet between the third and fifth innings, and unsurprisingly, the Orioles’ bats stayed quiet as well. Until the fifth inning, the O’s had something to actually be proud of. After a Correa single that brought Bregman home and sent Alvarez to second base, Houston broke through making a 9-1 lead a 13-1 lead. Baltimore had no answers for the offensive powerhouse that was (and still is) the Houston Astros.

A part of this powerhouse comes off the bat of rookie sensation Yordan Alvarez, who will soon have his own special place at Camden Yards. Eutaw street (pronounced like the state, if anybody is wondering) has seen multiple home run balls hit the pavement out by the world-famous warehouses. Every time a baseball hits Eutaw Street, a metal sign is placed at the spot of the ball.

Oh, and the ball that hit Eutaw Street made it 20-1.

Just ponder that for a minute. Twenty runs. Alvarez’s grand slam had broken the Astros record for most runs scored in a single game. Two dingers, and a grand slam later, Yordan Alvarez just punched his ticket into the ballot box for rookie of the year. Being biased, Major League baseball should just hand Alvarez the rookie of the year title. Being unbiased, Yordan is still a serious contender for the award.

The end of this “game” saw a new Astros franchise record for runs scored in a nine- inning game. Twenty-three runs, on twenty-five hits, and six of those were hit out of the park (two of them quite literally). This one single game has shown the entirety of all Major League Baseball teams to basically pray that they don’t have to play the American League West Division leaders when the less than average part of the pitching rotation is due up.

Since it’s flat out petrifying what this Astros team is capable of.


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