Everyone has heard of Bigfoot.  Also known by names like Sasquatch, the Skunk Ape, and Boggy Bill, this creature is alleged to be a large age-like creature that can be found in remote regions throughout the U.S. 

Bigfoot is often associated with the Pacific Northwest.  Sightings of sasquatch are common in those areas, with Northern California, Oregon, and Washington considered hotspots of bigfoot activity. 

What many people do not realize is that Bigfoot sightings are not limited to that region.  On the contrary, there are sightings around the country, suggesting that, if the animal exists, its range is as large as that of its theoretically favorite prey, deer. 

There are a bunch of Texans that not only believe that Bigfoot is real, but also that Bigfoot can be found in Texas, particularly in the woods of East Texas.   While some of these people are just cryptid enthusiasts, others suggest that science supports their claims. 

What many people do not realize is that believing in Bigfoot is not just limited to crackpots or kooks!  Even the famed primatologist Jane Goodall is on record saying that she believes in the possibility of an unidentified large ape species existing in the United States.  So, is there Bigfoot in Texas?  The answer is….maybe!


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