Top Ten "Sports Bars" in Town with Great Food – It's A Houston Thing

Top Ten "Sports Bars" in Town with Great Food

Photo from Lucky's Pub

Finally, football season is back!

That means jerseys, beer and drunken shouting matches with the TV at your favorite watering hole over the ref's ridiculous call. And though we're fans of drinking dinner every now and then, we think football nights should involve some good food, too.

Most sports bars stick to the tired old menus of mediocre wings and soggy fries, but we've got a few places here in town that take pub grub to the next level. Granted, they aren't all sports bars in the traditional sense, but for the purposes of watching the game with fellow fans and eating some fine food, they'll definitely do the trick.

10. Lucky's Pub Let's forget the food for a second and remember that Lucky's has the city's largest HDTV screen. Ahhhhhh, HD. Okay, back to the food. Yes, Lucky's is pretty much your quintessential sports bar, with sticky concrete floors and nearly every Anheuser-Busch product on the market. And yes, it's far from what anyone would call gourmet. But Lucky's makes a fine burger. It's thick and juicy and comes with fresh veggies and a fluffy, buttery, grilled bun. If burgers aren't your thing, try something else from the extensive and eclectic menu, which offers everything from steamed edamame to fish and chips to meaty pizzas cooked in a stone-deck oven.

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