Astros Crush Their Way To A 8-2 Win VS. Red Sox! – It's A Houston Thing
Astros Crush Their Way To A 8-2 Win VS. Red Sox!

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Astros Crush Their Way To A 8-2 Win VS. Red Sox!

The Houston Astros are HOT right now. The Astros just took a 2-0 series lead in front of the Boston Red Sox by winning 8-2 today. The series is heading over to Boston for game 3 where the Astros are hoping to win and complete the sweep for the ALDS. The Astros have their eyes set on the World Series, and most fans do as well. We are ready for Houston to be able to add another title banner for our great city.

Let’s talk about Altuve. People really thought this guy wasn’t MVP? LOL. Altuve is proving every critic wrong during the playoffs. It sucks that people really thought some guy over in New York who couldn’t even record a hit was really a MVP type player over Altuve (who is 5-5 in the playoffs so far and 3 Home Runs). Altuve is a monster and I don’t think he’s anything close to finished so far. Correa finally came alive and had a homer to bring Altuve in the first inning. Correa was active in the stat sheet filling up 4 RBI’s and 2 runs. Altuve finished with 2 runs and 1 RBI. Dallas Keuchel had some good pitching today as well as he finished with 5.1 IP and allowed 3 H with 7K’s. The Astros look ready to move to the next round. They are hungry to win it all and you can sense it in the way they play. Hopefully they are able to continue this energy in game 3. Everyone has stepped up and played a part. The Astros look so good they could even just throw in some bullpen pitchers from game 3 and STILL win. That’s how great this team looks. Get ready for game 3 folks. It might not be a good one if you’re a Boston fan, but if you’re an Astros fan, you’ll have a lot of enjoyment from it. This series is over and I’m calling it.


This team is off the charts right now. Get ready for game 3 y’all. Keep it here for the latest Astros news!

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