Rockets Media Day: Interviews & More! – It's A Houston Thing
Rockets Media Day: Interviews & More!

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Rockets Media Day: Interviews & More!

Did you miss the latest news that happened at the Houston Rockets Media Day today? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to fill you in with all the information you’ll need. Most of these will be noted in the order they happened, so you can get a feel for how the day went.


  • The Rockets announced their training roster, which includes fan favorite Bobby Brown.
  • Morey comes to the podium and talks about the shape of the team. Believes this team can compete, and are “100% ready” to do it as well.
  • Harden was mention by D’Antoni and lost around 10 lbs. since last year’s camp. Which is a big improvement. I saw a picture of him, and it does look like he’s more cut than last year.
  • D’Antoni and Morey talk about the expectations with the team, and Morey believes they will be a top 10 defenses for sure, but the goal is always to be top 5. Morey says they acquired the pieces to be a top 5 as well.
  • Ariza came to the podium and talked about the team and responded to Trumps comments. Believes they were wrong to say and generalize everyone with. Talked about the teams scoring and defense and showed his excitement for it.
  • Eric Gordon came to the stage and also was asked about Trump’s comments, in which he responded that the team will figure out what to do as far as protest. EG explains this is the best team he’s ever been on in the NBA, and is excited to see the shooting opportunities with CP3 and Harden
  • Luc Mbah a Moute explained how his corner 3 will be improved this year, and expects to be able to contribute to the Rockets quite well.
  • Ryan Anderson comes to the stand (BOY WAS THIS A GREAT INTERVIEW SESSION). Gets asked about his trade rumors that circled the team. Anderson explained that he was not fazed by those, and was in close talks with the team all summer. Anderson said he would’ve known if a deal was imminent, but ownership said it was far-fetched. Anderson talked about his marriage and how he’s happy to be in Houston, while explaining his contract and how blessed he is. Anderson says he will improve on rebounding and work on moving the floor around a little more, wants to help in any way he can.
  • CP3 comes on the podium, talked about his chemistry with the team, and explains that he is excited for this season. Brings up how he can help James get open more, and get the ball out of his hands. Responds to Trump’s comments as well, brings up the team is a huge happy team that is together, and what they do will be approved by everyone. Talks about his chemistry with Harden, and how they have gotten closer over the summer.
  • Harden walks to the podium and talks about how he’s excited for the team this year. Harden jokingly responded to a question about the Spurs series criticism, saying “nah, what did they say” and proceeded to smile afterword’s. Harden was asked about Trump as well, reiterates what CP3 said, the team will come together and plan on how to respond or protest with. Talked about how adding CP3 is a big thing since they would be allowed to space the floor and let himself just shoot again. Harden talked about how he was here for the long run and loves the city of Houston.

This essentially concluded the first day of media interviews. I’m excited for the season to start. Are you? The Rockets have their first open practice tomorrow, and more to come from there as well.

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