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The Astros Are In A Slump

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The Astros Are In A Slump

The Astros have been lackluster since All Star Break. They are 9-9 after last night’s game to the Rays, where the Astros lost 3-0. Keuchel lost his first game of the season yesterday bringing his record to (9-1) as a pitcher. Who is to blame for the recent losses and the slump we are going through?


The Front Office

I myself don’t agree, but many fans do agree with this part of slump. We simply haven’t done enough to get better and to add depth. I can agree having a lot of depth is always great. Am I mad that we didn’t add any talent during the trade deadline? Yes. Will it kill us come October? Probably not. The talent is there, so a healthy team would be unstoppable come October. I know playoffs are a different monster, but the team is set up to win. The front office made this team to who it is. A pitcher would’ve been a nice surprise, but it wasn’t needed.



The Astros have hit a wall without some of their best talent 100% healthy. Correa and Springer are the two main players who are out, and they are 2 out of the 3 best hitters on the team. It’s hard for the team to score when your best players are out. So we should relax and not jump to too many conclusions just yet until this team is 100%. We have seen what they can do when they are fully healthy and this team is amazing. Sure, we aren’t the #1 team in baseball anymore, but we still have a great lead in the division, and have high hopes come October. The team knows that they have the team to pull off and win a world series, which is why they didn’t bring in too many talent. Many fans disagree and believe we still need help in the bullpen. This has been an issue lately, and the fans have a right to be mad at the front office for not making the necessary moves. Keuchel even publically stated how he was disappointed in the Astros for not bringing in another star player. This team is good enough to win on their own, but to let another team get better while you stay the same, is not a winning strategy.


Once the team can get fully healthy again, I can expect a run from this team, and the slump we are going through will go away. You remember how amazing we were before the All-Star Break? That is the team that is set to take the spotlight in October. The only thing holding us back was injuries, not a new player to help out. As much as that would help, this team Is set up to win.

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