Please watch with the sound on! Please pray for Mack or anyone else in need of healing! Mack is well, just getting checked up on at St Lukes Hospital after a stroke scare. Please watch with the sound, please pray for Mack and anyone else in need of healing and leave your comments of support below!

Posted by Jim Mcingvale on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mattress Mack is a well known celebrity in Houston. He is the famous owner of Gallery Furniture and always brings joy to Houstonians with his joyful mood. He recently helped victims of Harvey get great discounts on furniture and has always been helpful in his community.

Recently Mattress Mack had checked himself into a hospital due to heart attack like symptoms and wanted to make sure he was not about to have s stroke.

For now, he seems safe and is under care at St.Luke’s Hospital at Texas Medical Center. He stated in his video that he feels fine but just is taking the extra precautionary steps to ensure he will be fine.

If you want to send Mattress Mack texts of support, you can text him at 281-844-1963



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