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Here you can find news, announcements, events, and more information about what is trending in the city of Houston. Keep up to date on what's happening in the city by checking here daily and leave it up to us to make sure that you don't miss a thing!

New E-Sports Bar Coming To Houston Soon

Presently gunning for Fast Traffic Auto Workshop's carport and bordering flat on Austin St.: Next Level, Houston's second arranged yet not-yet-open eSports setting. For those...

BREAKING: Gunman in custody at Cy-Lakes (SCHOOL SAYS IT WAS A HOAX AND NO...

UPDATE: School says “the gunman arrested was a hoax and police have looked into the situation and declared that it was a rumor started from...

High School Senior STUNS School While Walking Across Stage For Graduation

HUMBLE, Texas – An overwhelming applause for a Humble ISD understudy, who regardless of being crippled, strolled the stage amid graduation. The Atascocita High School...

Rockets Offer 50% Select Items After WCF Loss

The Houston Rockets' expectation of heading off to the NBA Finals was stopped Monday with a Game 7 misfortune to the Warriors in the...

Houston Rap Lyric Signs Appear Across Town

Pictures below are from: Jay Shells Instagram. He posted over 15 signs around Houston to show the love and support this community feels about...

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