Chris Paul Left Off All-Star Roster; Harden Questions Voting

James Harden, Chris Paul
Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) shakes hands with Chris Paul after a foul during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

The news has been out, and many players are still in shock by some notable All-Star snubs this year. Chris Paul and Lou Williams were the two who were left out that many believed would be in. Chris Paul has missed some games, and while that can be a good argument to put in other players, Stephen Curry has missed 4 less than CP3, yes got a starting spot for the All-Star game.

The Rockets have the second-best record in the West and currently, CP3 is averaging 19pts and 9ast while helping Houston win. The other notable guard to get in over CP3 are Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard. I can see the argument for “Klay is the best guard on the best team” argument which is why he should get a nod, but Draymond over Paul George was just another headscratcher by coaches. Klay is currently averaging 20.4 PTS, 4.REB and 2.5 AST. Chris Paul is barely averaging fewer points, but his rebounds and assists are significantly higher than Klay’s. Klay is a great shooter, and this is no discredit to him at all, but Chris Paul Is more important to the Rockets success than Klay is to the Warriors. What happened to the All-Stars being the franchise guys? What team would risk it all to start Klay as a franchise player? Not many, but what about Chris Paul? He’s shown he can work in different ways even when his shot is not falling. That is the difference maker for an All-Star versus the new All-Stars that we are starting to give out. Lilliard’s bid was more of a sympathy bid as he has been “snubbed” the previous years for being inferior to the guard who was selected.

Chris Paul is nowhere stressing about the current situation, but it would’ve been nice for him to get the recognition he deserves for his time so far in Houston. He may have missed some games, but when he has played he has been the X-Factor besides Harden almost every time. He’s got the traits that don’t always show up on the scoreboard and frankly, they don’t take that into account when selecting All-Stars nowadays.