Earlier in the off-season, the Texans had expressed their interests in signing LB/DE Jadeveon Clowney, and they have had this buzz since the beginning of last year. The Texans usually treat their players very well, and it shows with the number of extensions to superstars JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans will lock up Clowney, and it looks like Clowney is all in to stay with the Texans as well. The former first overall pick in the 2014 draft has stated he wanted to stay with the Texans for the rest of his career.

The comments come from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle: “Hopefully, they lock me in… I want to be here forever”. Clowney also said “I don’t want to leave this team. I’ve been here since the beginning. I want to stay here. I want to finish my career here, so I’m looking forward to that.” (Via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle). These are some strong words as it shows the dedication Clowney has to Houston. Clowney had started his career off on a rough patch with injuries, and now he is one of the most dominant defensive players in the NFL, and he’s still on his rookie deal! The Texans will most likely throw a huge contract offer once the free agency and draft period are over to get the most money upfront- since they have a decent amount of cap space available this year. This means Clowney could have a huge signing bonus and first-year paycheck, to allow flexibility to the future years like they did with Hopkins. This would be a good move by Brian Gaine, who has taken his first year as a GM in the right direction. He signed Tyrann to a “prove it” deal, which is essentially a deal that allows both Tyrann and the Texans mutually agree to a cheap no risk contract, and if he performs well, then the Texans have a better shot at retaining him, and Tyrann has a better shot at rejuvenating his career. This is a win for both sides and almost has 0 risk at 7 million a year.

The Texans would be smart to lock up Clowney quickly and would also have lots of cap room to do it at a huge up-front deal without sacrificing long-term flexibility. Expect the Texans to get a deal done soon.

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