Each year, the Houston Shakespeare Festival puts on two world-class productions of Shakespeare’s plays.

These plays are offered, for free, at Miller Outdoor Theatre, in the heart of the museum district, and make for a great night of free entertainment.  Pack a picnic, or choose to dine from the snack bar or one of the food trucks you will find nearby, bring plenty of mosquito spray, and a comfy blanket or folding chairs, and you will find yourself immersed in another world.  

In this case, the other world was a Victorian-themed setting for one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies.  In fact, one of the great things that the Houston Shakespeare Festival does is offer variety in their productions.  Each year, they feature one drama and one comedy.  This year’s comedy, was As You Like It.

As You Like It is a pastoral comedy, which follows the main character, Rosalind, as she flees through the Forest of Arden in order to avoid persecution in her uncle’s court.  Along the way, she encounters a number of different characters, and it is the interaction between Rosalind and these characters, as well as between the characters, themselves, which drives the action and the comedy of the play.


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