Crime is a growing issue in Houston; a city which is struggling to hire enough police offers to maintain the peace.

CNBC reported on February 2nd that Police Chief Art Acevedo requested an additional 2,000 police offers now and another 350 per upcoming year in order to be properly equipped to protect the growing population of Houston. As of right now, the city of Houston is experiencing a significant shortage of police officers. To put the shortage of officers in perspective, Houston has a population of 2,280,859 and only 5,351 officers available while Chicago, Illinois has a population of 2,833,649 and 12,515 officers available. (Source:

With this shortage of officers, FACES has stepped in to help by providing the citizens of Houston the ability to acquire the advanced tools they need to solve their own crimes in support of Law Enforcement. FACES has provided It’s A Houston Thing with a FREE Demo to distribute among the residents of Houston to show how FACES 3.0 & FACES PRO 4.0 work- the advanced software is used by countless Law Enforcement around the world, including the Kuwait Military, Scotland Yard, the South Korean Military and many others. The following link will provide the residents of Houston with the ability to try FACES software for free.

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With this easy to use software, you can create extremely accurate Facial Composites of people and use them to find criminals. The FACES Pro version allows users to select from a database of over 4,500 facial features of eyes, ears, noses, hairlines, jaws and other additional features to construct a composite sketch that resembles an accurate reflection of a criminals face.

FACES has been featured on Huffington Post, Vice, America’s Most Wanted and is used to find criminals by countless Law Enforcement across the country.

Click here to read about how Greg J. Micek, the President of IQBiometrix, and his wife used FACES to solve their own robbery.

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Learn more about FACES by reviewing the videos below, or go to their website by clicking here.

FACES on Larry King Live


FACES used to catch Miami Rapist

Click here to receive your FREE Faces Demo Download!


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