Are you into dinosaurs?  Looking for that Jurassic Park experience, without the risk of all that death and mayhem?  The Houston Zoo and TXU Energy have you covered.  Once again, they have brought dinosaurs to the Houston Zoo.  

The exhibit features 17 huge animatronic dinosaurs.  They are placed along a path designed to space out visitors and give you the change for an up-close interaction.  You can see these dinosaurs move their bodies, and some may even spit water.   You will see favorites like the T-Rex and Stegosaurus, as well as lesser-known dinosaurs like the Utahraptor.  

After you have visited with the dinosaurs, you can go check out their modern day descendants, the alligators: 

Just kidding!  As any fan of dinosaurs knows, while these huge animals may look like reptiles, they are actually the ancestors of today’s birds.  Fortunately, the zoo has you covered, with birds in three main locations, the Fischer Bird Garden, the Tropical Bird House, and Birds of the World.  Of course, our favorite place to see birds at the zoo is in the hatchery, where you can see newborn chicks: 

The Dinosaur Exhibit is an add-on to the regular Zoo visit and is $5.95 for zoo members and $6.95 for non-members.  You can also buy a value pass, which gets you into the zoo, the Dinosaur Exhibit, and unlimited rides on the carousel.  

This is a limited time engagement, running from May 25th to September 2nd, so hurry to the zoo and get ready to travel back in time to the days of the dinos! 

-Barbara Tatum / It’s A Houston Thing Team


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