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Houston Rap Lyric Signs Appear Across Town

Houston Rap Lyric Signs Appear Across Town

Pictures below are from: Jay Shells Instagram. He posted over 15 signs around Houston to show the love and support this community feels about our home town rappers. Each sign is placed in a location that is referenced into the song by the rapper. Shells has finished his art pieces in Houston, and hopes they may stay for a while.

Big Hawk

Travis Scott “Stargazing”

Travis Scott recently released his new album Astroworld, and Houston has loved every bit of it. From umping to #1 on the charts, to Travis even recreating Astroworld in November, Travis being around in Houston is a great.

Mike Jones “Still Tippin”

Do I really need to say anything else about this song? I believe this already the Houston national anthem. I can guarantee everyone has this song memorized.

Lil Keke

Lil Keke raps about growing up on the 8100 block of Herschelwood in Houston. “It’s Goin’ Down” appeared in Lil Keke ‘Don’t Mess Wit Texas” album in 1997.

Paul Wall – “Big Ballin”

Paul Wall screams Houston. He could even become the mayor of Houston one day if he really wanted. In the 2005 song “Big Ballin” Wall shouts out Timmy Chan’s restaurant.

Scarface “On My Block”

These lyrics from Scarface and his 2002 song “On My Block” include a well known Southside Houston neighborhood called Sunnyside. Scarface mentions multiple blocks, but these ones are the only that are named.

Bushwick Bill/ Geto Boys “Murder Avenue”

Bushwick Bill raps in this song about the University of Houston. UofH is obviously a well known school in the national spotlight and of course here in Houston. The artist Jay Shells putting it near a UH sign is great placement.

Slim Thug “I Run (Remix)” Feat Z-Ro

Z-Ro’s verse on Slim Thugs’ “I Run (Remix)” points back to his younger days when he was in willow ridge High School located near SW Houston. Z-Ro points to never really being in class, always running the streets, such as the hallways at his school.

Scarface “On My Block”

As mentioned earlier, Scarface has another sign pointed into the same song “On My Block”. Here Scarface recollects on his younger days when he would steal from the Shamrock store in Houston.

Fat Tony

Bun B

Lil Keke

Fat Pat

Lil Keke


Slim Thug

Lil Keke