HUMBLE, Texas – An overwhelming applause for a Humble ISD understudy, who regardless of being crippled, strolled the stage amid graduation.

The Atascocita High School graduate was resolved to astonish his colleagues, who by then had never observed him walk.

Six years back, Nicholas was at b-ball tryouts being held outside. He says at one point he went after his back and abruptly dropped to the ground.

While being taken care of by mentors, another understudy had a similar thing transpire. This time, his back was canvassed in blood.

“I didn’t realize what happened, they don’t recognize what happened,” Tijerina said.

He would later discover that in the meantime as tryouts, somebody many yards away was shooting target rehearse. Their missed shots held up projectiles into the backs of the two children, deadening Tijerina starting from the waist.

A long time later knowing how proficient he’s been in the previous six years, Tijerina had one more astonishment. He says educators found out about his goal-oriented objective and started empowering him in the corridors.

The nerves started to set in front of an audience, as he concedes there was almost no planning in advance. With the assistance of companions, Tijerina made little strides yet says he for all intents and purposes passed out. His exclusive snapshot of help, when he ceased and shook the hand of the director.

Specialists gave him a one percent shot of having the capacity to walk again.

Nicholas will go to the University of Houston in the fall and study engineering. He would like to discard the walker and who knows, perhaps manufacture something that makes this workable for all.


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