Mister McKinney CHECKS OUT Public Works Xmas Tree

City of Houston Public Works is making #HoustonHistory with the first annual specialty #PublicWorks Christmas Tree in the lobby of the 1968 #HLandP building, now the Bob Lanier Public Works Building. The “tree” was designed and developed by Carol Ellinger Haddock to have fun and educate the public about items used everyday by the department the public often overlooks. #PublicWorksKeepsHoustonMoving

Also making #LocalHistory today is Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston when he will put forth Rice University grad and three-time Interim Director, Ms. Haddock to become the FIRST woman in Houston’s 181 year history to lead the City of Houston’s #PublicWorksDepartment.

Congrats to Houston, Texas for moving forward and to new Public Works Director Haddock!

(PS-The #CityOfHouston Public Works Christmas Tree is STILL up to view, so if you’re walking around the corner of Walker and Smith Streets, be sure to have a look inside the lobby!)

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