Houston Voters Pass New Flood Control Projects Amid Harvey Anniversary

Pic by: Marcus Yam Getty Images

People around Houston had to vote on a new bond to fund new flood control projects across the city. The $2.5 billion fund will help citizens in the chance another storm comes through the city and the destruction is as bad as Harvey was.

The money would help with citizens needs to get assistance from the government and to help individuals buyout their house if needed. Tax payers may see a $5-$7 increase in their taxes across the year for their normal property taxes. If this goes through, many may be fine to have the piece of mind of a backup plan in the city incase a devastating event like Harvey happens again

Houston has recently seen its fair share of flooding, and even the smallest rain storms can ruin some parts of Houston. Many blame the constant growing of Houston, and not enough precautions made for the flood waters to evacuate the area. When the rain comes in Houston, many could see the water come close to their home.

Houses are starting to be built on higher land to allow these homes to stay away from flood waters, so this should hopefully help future homes stay away from the flood, but the city and homeowners can never be too safe.

Many homeowners are wondering how the money could be used and if it would truly benefit them, but others aren’t questioning it just for the reassurance on extra help in the area if it does indeed flood again. Officials have made it clear about the ideas that would be presented as 20+ meetings have happened over the summer to get the community input on their ideas. They reinforce that this is made with the citizens in mind, and this is a direct result from their opinions.