Maybe it is because Galveston’s waters are not usually the clear, sparkling blue of the Caribbean, or maybe it is because with the hustle and bustle that is Houston, it is easy to forget about the sleepy seaside resort town to the south of us.  For whatever reason, it often surprises people to discover that you can lots of dolphin watching opportunities in Galveston.

We are not talking about dolphins in aquariums or the trained dolphins you might find at water resorts, but wild and free mammals swimming in the ocean, playing and interacting with people as they visit.

What we love about watching dolphins is it quickly becomes apparent that they are just as curious about humans as humans are about them.  Head out on a boat with one of the dolphin watching tour companies you can find in Galveston, and you may find yourself being followed by a group of dolphins leaping through the water, trying to get your attention.

We have even seen them swimming alongside the ferries.  If you eat dockside at one of the restaurants along Piers 19-21 in Galveston, you can often spot dolphins cavorting in the bay.   Whether you choose to look for dolphins on a cruise or while enjoying drinks and watching the sunset, they are plentiful in the waters around Galveston and looking for them is a great activity.


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