Today, August 16this National Rum Day!  It’s a day to celebrate your favorite desserts, cakes and spirits made with rum! Many bars in the area will be celebrating with delicious rum cocktails, but fortunately for us in the Houston area, we never have to ask, “But why is the rum gone?”  We can take a little trip to the south in the community of San Leon and get our rum from the source at Railean Distillery.

Open from Tuesday through Saturday, Railean Distillery not only offers informative tours of the facility at various times throughout the day, but also features the Buccaneer Bar, a pirate themed bar and tasting room, serving up Railean rum cocktails among the 200 craft cocktails they offer.  

The Buccaneer Bar regularly hosts live bands to keep the party going while patrons and pirates alike enjoy tasting the spirits distilled on sight.  In addition to rum, Railean Distillery also ferments and distills their own label of Vodka, Whiskey and Blue Agave spirits.  So hoist your sails and head south this Friday to celebrate National Rum Day with our local rum distillery.


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