Whether you are a longtime Houston resident or a recent transplant to H-Town, you know that construction on I-45 is pretty much a constant.   

Since I-45 was first constructed, it seems like this roadway, a major north/south transportation route through the city, has been under construction.  In some areas, it seems like as soon as they finish construction in one area, they start on another, while in other parts of I-45, it seems like the construction never ends.  The end result?  Crazy traffic, which seems to be a problem almost any time, day or night.

If you think traffic on I-45 is crazy now, wait till you hear what TxDOT has planned for the Houston area.  Currently, the plan is to widen I-45 from downtown to the Sam Houston Tollway.  This construction would not just expand the freeway, but move it entirely in places; getting rid of the Pierce Elevated and putting parts of the freeway underground. 

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Ultimately, the improved freeway should help congestion in the city, increasing commute speeds by up to 24 mph during peak traffic times.  However, the improvements will come at a cost, requiring the taking of land in economically disadvantaged inner city communities, where residents will not benefit from the improvements. 

Community leaders on the east side of Houston are concerned about the proposed I 45 Highway 59 merger. Today they plan on asking to delay the project.

Posted by ABC13-Jeff Ehling on Tuesday, July 23, 2019


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