Meet the Texans 3rd Round Draft Picks


The Texans had a strong 2018 draft for not having their first or second round picks this year due to trading away Brock Osweiler and acquiring Deshaun Watson in last year’s draft when they traded up with the Browns. The Texans were supposed to have the 4thoverall pick but were unable to keep as this pick was traded for Watson as well. Without the first two rounds of the draft, many Texans fans were not looking forward to this year’s draft. However, the Texans capitalized on a great safety named Justin Reid who was the 68thoverall pick.

The safety, from Stanford, will become a starter (according to the Texans as they believe him to be a great talent to pair with Tyrann Mathieu. The Texans addressed a long-time safety need this off-season and they hit two home runs. Reid was a 1stround talent but slipped (possibly due to his brother’s stance in the NFL in the Kaepernick issues), but the Texans looked past it and drafted him. Reid will make a great starting safety for the Texans as he is able to be moved around at any position.

Martinas Rankin the OL from Mississippi State was the next pick for the Texans at 80thoverall in the 3rdround. Rankin in the starting LT (as indicated by the Texans staff as well), and they expect him to make contributions as fast as possible. The Texans have also addressed their OL situation over the spring, so this was a nice depth move to move some of the FA signings to the back of the depth chart for any relief or injury protection. Do expect Rankin to have a secured spot on the starting roster though.

The Last 3rdround pick was Jordan Akins, a catch first TE out of UCF. Akins was picked 98 overall and has shown some promise as a TE. Many draft analysts were skeptical due to his high age (He is 26 due to playing baseball earlier in his career, then went to college to play football). This seemed to be no threat to the Texans as they picked him up and expect him to fight for a starting spot, or to play second string. Akins has the potential, and some had him as a 3rdround grade anyway. However, some also had him undrafted or going in the 7th. It truly depends if the Texans can develop and utilize him well.

The Texans continue the draft later today Saturday the 28th, so expect more in-depth coverage and reactions on those picks soon.

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