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New E-Sports Bar Coming To Houston Soon

New E-Sports Bar Coming To Houston Soon

Presently gunning for Fast Traffic Auto Workshop’s carport and bordering flat on Austin St.:

Next Level, Houston’s second arranged yet not-yet-open eSports setting. For those who may not know, E-Sports are the next wave of electronic gaming for people to enjoy and watch. Mostly these people are professionals, however, this specific location will be a gaming lounge for even the most casual players.

Following the auto shop proprietor’s retirement, the focused video gaming center point plans to stock the place with virtual reality gaming rigs, 40 PC setups, and at least twelve gaming consoles to have around the shop — all of which will connect to somewhere close to an arranged rivalry organize, fully stocked bar, and “custom tabletop gaming tables” for bring down tech amusements.

Many are anticipating this lounge and bar to open soon as the E-Sports fascination has been rising across the country. Currently, there are very few bars that mix games and drinks for newer more advanced games- Rather than the old school classics.


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