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Santa Fe High School seniors were welcome to Game 5 of the Rockets Western Conference Finals.

Prior to the game, the group held a moment of silence to respect the casualties of the school shooting.

The NBA shared a photo of students clasping hands amid that minute on its Twitter page.

In any case, numerous analysts focused on the way that one of the young ladies in the photograph is remaining solitary. They stated that they declined to hold the young lady’s hand since she is dark.

The student is Nicole Janice, a senior at Santa Fe High School.

She and her mom, Lynda, have spent the most recent few days endeavoring to set the record straight.

“It’s exceptionally disillusioning that individuals will remove a race issue from a photo with nine young ladies in it,” Nicole said. “I lament in my own particular distinctive way. I don’t care to be touched. When we had that snapshot of quiet, I would not like to snatch anybody’s hands since I would not like to separate before we sang [the National Anthem].”

It turns out, a more extensive shot of a similar minute shows different students not clasping hands too.

“At the point when Nicole left her room Saturday morning, she was disturbed that they had transformed this into a race thing, since she realized what was genuine,” said her mother, Lynda. “To influence something so straightforward into a race to issue was simply completely crazy.”

Nicole says her race isn’t an issue at school and claims that colleagues declined to hold her hand are false.


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