Rockets Add Joe Johnson and Brandan Wright After Trade Deadline


The Rockets kept put during the trade deadline this week. As reported by ItsAHoustonThing, many believe the Rockets were going to keep quiet during the deadline and scoop up talent during the buyout market. The Rockets have done just that and have gotten Joe Johnson and Brandan Wright to join the Rockets once they clear waivers on Monday morning.

The Rockets already have a championship roster in place, and may need that one piece (LeBron), but the more depth a championship team can have, the better they can beat their opponent down the stretch. The Rockets addressed an issue they have been dealing with and that is a backup center behind Capela. Capela has his 20-30 minutes a game, but other than that, we need a reliable center behind him to soak up minutes. Nene is that option obviously but due to Nene’s age, the Rockets needed another man to help out on the night Nene sits out on back to backs. Tarik Black filled this role, but was not as productive, or just didn’t get the minutes. Tarik showed promise but had many bad moments as well. Brandan Wright brings much needed length the Rockets needed for a center. Built like Clint Capela, Wright has the length and can still dunk a basketball. He will be a perfect lob candidate for CP3 and Harden when Capela is on the bench. Wright will not make this team a contender, but he adds much needed depth.

Joe Johnson is where the Rockets struck a diamond in the rough. Johnson has had a history with Mike D’Antoni and even elevated his game since he was with Mike. They are a perfect match. While Joe is 36, he is still a good player to come off the bench when they need points. Joe is a seasoned veteran, and has many minutes logged. He’s even top 5 in salary made all time! This allows the Rockets to go deeper into the bench when any forwards may be hurt. Right now, the Rockets are missing Ariza due to a hamstring injury, and this move will help sideline Ariza and recover accordingly.

These moves didn’t make Houston such a threat, but rather added needed depth for the team in case the Rockets lose some players to injury in the end of the season, or in the playoffs. They will allow the Rockets to also rest some other players leading up to the playoffs for fresher legs, something the Rockets needed last year as well.