Rockets One Of the Favorites To Land LeBron Per Bovada


The Rockets are one of the top favorites to land the best player in the game, LeBron James to their squad this summer. According to Bovada, a betting agency which many places their bets for anything sports related, has the Rockets at the top of the list in betting odds as of right now, March 10th. LeBron James is a 4 time MVP and will most likely be paired with Harden and Paul to team up and take down the rest of the NBA. Harden will most likely win his MVP this year, and Chris will still be kicking the wheels next season as well. It would be the best secondary player LeBron has ever played with, and yes that is including prime D-Wade. Harden coming off a back to back MVP season, could alleviate some pressure from LeBron, and take the ball out of his hands. LeBron hasn’t had a good point guard since his Miami Heat days, and Harden and CP3 would be welcome players to stick alongside LeBron.

The current odds are:

Houston Rockets: 5/2

Cleveland Cavaliers: 11/4

Los Angeles Lakers: 5/1

Golden State Warriors: 6/1

Detroit Pistons: 10/1

Philadelphia 76ers: 10/1

Minnesota Timberwolves: 12/1

San Antonio Spurs: 14/1

Milwaukee Bucks: 15/1

New York Knicks: 16/1

The bottom half of teams are sure out of the running, with those being wild bets. Rumors have started to stir that LeBron has a list of 4 teams, Houston, Philly, Lakers, and the Cavs. The Most likely destination is the Cavs for sure, but for the Rockets to even lead Vegas betting’s away from his home team is surprising.

The Rockets will have to move some players around and change some contracts to make it work, but don’t doubt Morey. He will do what it takes to get LeBron to Houston.