Texans and Clowney Nearing 5 Year $18 Million Deal


Jadeveon Clowney and the Texans have been flitting about an extension for the whole offseason, and more sources are coming around to say the Texans and Clowney are very “close” to agreeing to a deal which would extend Clowney for 5 years, in the $18-$19 million range. Yahoo Sports’ Jordan Schultz has been the first to actually report an estimate in the price range as many have had guesses over the years. Shultz’s’ information comes right before the draft where the Texans were originally expected to give this extension, and it still may be true, however, the Texans may wait until after the draft is over to allow them to sign rookies, UDFAs, and other players to compete for their final roster later in the offseason.

The Texans are ready to sign Clowney to a long-term extension, and the whispers throughout the off-season do indicate that the Texans are very close. Jordan Schultz’s report is one of the many who have speculated that a deal is imminent, but the Texans may not be ready to pull the trigger just yet as not all free agents on the big market have been signed either. The Texans are wanting to put most of the money upfront to allow them greater flexibility in the later years since they have so much extra money to spare this season, similar to a deal like DeAndre Hopkins.

Clowney would love to sign with the Texans as he stated a few weeks back, and the Texans are ready for him to get that deal as well, as he is their future after JJ Watt retires, or even if he starts to accept a smaller role. Clowney is as important as ever to the defense, and when healthy he can truly be a top 3 DE/LB combo. Not many have his ability, so he is a true one in a kind player who can help and play multiple positions on the field. The Texans know how valuable Clowney is, and Clowney’s agents know as well as they are ready to get a big payday from Brian Gaine and Bob McNair.