Texans Looking To Sign Clowney To Long Term Deal


The Texans are optimistic about a deal with Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney is one of the top pass rushers in the NFL and even can hold his weight when stopping the run. Clowney is a top talent, and he may soon be paid like on from the Texans.

Brian Gaine was recently interviewed today for pre-combine availability, and he was one of the first coaches to be interview alongside the Browns, Hue Jackson. Clowney is still getting paid from his rookie contract which is ending in this year- unless the team picks up his 5th-year option. Instead of paying him his contract from his draft, the Texans may take a look at locking up Clowney for a multi-year contract and has the potential to become the highest paid player in the NFL that is not a Quarterback. That contract is still held by Von Miller who makes 114.1 million dollars. Obviously, it’s not all guaranteed, but the Texans may be making a huge offer with incentives for the young pass rusher. Injuries were a problem at the beginning of his career, and the Texans will most likely add game bonuses to his contract to allow Clowney to have the motivation to earn every dollar. The Texans will be looking to get a deal done soon. The beginning of Free Agency may be the first step- after the Texans have spent the money they wanted to spend to give the rest to their player. Similar to how Hopkins was signed, the Texans will most likely opt to wait until after their new players are signed and give Clowney whatever money may remain.

Brian Gaine wants to keep this team intact to preserve the potential of the team. Gaine knows this team Is young and able to do real things if everyone is locked in. Gaine will maybe make the first big splash of his GM career and sign Clowney, and maybe even McKinney as he was a potential signing the Texans have been wanting to extend for a while as well.