You may have heard that the Houston Texans have traded one of their 2020 fourth round picks to the Cleveland Browns to get running back Duke Johnson for the Texans team.  This deal favors the Browns, who will be able to use the Texans’ fourth round pick as a third round pick, which means that the Texans obviously think that Johnson will add something special to the 2019 Texans’ team. 

Who is Duke Johnson?  The Duke, as he is called, is widely recognized as a highly talented running back.  People comment that he has hands and he can run.  In other words, there is no doubt that the Duke has some skills. 

This leads some people to wonder why the Browns would trade a talented running back.  Well, it is no secret that Johnson has been unhappy with the Browns.  He asked to be traded because, frankly, he seemed to feel lost in the Browns’ talented backfield. 

The Duke was looking for a place to shine and the Texans wanted a running back who would improve their backfield.   Last year, the Duke had 201 yards rushing and 429 yards receiving on 47 catches.  The Texans and the Duke are surely hoping to see him have an even better 2019 on our favorite team!


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