In a city full of great steak houses, it can be hard to stand out. However, the Taste of Texas manages to do just that.  How do they do it?  Well, they do it by being all about Texas.

What does it mean to be all about Texas?  Well, to owners Nina and Edd Hendee, it means offering great service, great hospitality, and, of course, great food.  However, it also means offering something you do not find in the average steakhouse- a slice of history.

Close your eyes and think about this great state of ours.  What comes to mind?   Longhorns?  Bluebonnets?  Cowboys?  You can actually learn about all of these things, and more, by visiting this upscale restaurant, which also features a world-class Texas history museum.

What makes this privately-owned museum really unique is that the owners are eager to share it with locals.  How eager?  They actually host field-trips for area school children throughout the school years.  Kids get to come see all of the Texas history memorabilia and get a very knowledgeable and interesting overview of Texas history from Nina, herself.  After that, the kids get lunch, which the restaurant actually provides for them for free.  It may be the Taste of Texas, but the hospitality is pure Houston!


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