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TOP 50 Funniest Marque Signs – SAINT DANE’S Bar & Grill

TOP 50 Funniest Marque Signs – SAINT DANE’S Bar & Grill

If you haven’t had a chance to drive by or go to Saint Dane’s Bar & Grill (502 Elgin), then you are missing out. Great food, great daily special, and HILARIOUS signs. We have taken the top 50 signs they have done and put them all in one place. Let us know which ones are your favorites.

All photos by: Chris Alan

“Dogs love it here we Shitzu Not”

“Trust me, you can dance” -Vodka


“$10 Ribeyes are to die for” -Elsie the Cow

“Taco-holics anonymous meeting today”

“Astros rhymes with tacos! Kind of”

“Monday, our 7th favorite day of the week”

“Our seats are looking for your butt”

“I scream, you scream, we’re all obnoxious”

“Our ribeye are udder-ly amazing”

“Introvert party. No one is invited”

“I’d sell my sister for $1 tacos”

“Cow parts for sale. $10 Ribeyes”

“If you’re looking for $1 Tacos, Here’s your sign!”

“Taco is short for spec-TACO-lar”

“Water found on Mars. We still love Uranus”

“Where the beer flows like wine.”

“Tacos! Better for you than smoking.”

“We like big MUTTS and we cannot lie”

“Todays Special, Buy 2 Drinks. Pay for Both.”

“$7 Burger Baskets. HORSE FREE since 08′”


“35¢ wings. We’ve been PLUCKIN around the CLUCK”

“35¢ wings. Chickens weren’t using them.”

“Show her you REALLY CARE. 35¢ Wings.”

“$10 Ribeyes. As felt in Braille Weekly.”

“Our ribeyes are made from 100% Vegetarians.”

“Not eating here is a MISSED Steak.”

“Home of H Towns best WRAP artists. 1/2 off wraps.”

“3D TINDER INSIDE. $1 Tacos.”

“FREE straws with every drink. 1/2 off wraps.”

“Taco Tuesday. For more info call 9-Juan-Juan”

“I’d Kill for $1 tacos” – Ray Lewis

“We apologize 4 tomorrow’s sign. $1 tacos”

“Sign BROKE. See inside for specials”

“Energizer Bunny ARRESTED! Charged w/ Battery!”

“I hate being Bi-polar. It’s AWESOME!”

“4 Tequila shots can reduce risk of giving a SH*T!”

“Burgers too good to hit your boss with”

“$1 tacos are better than a kick in the nuts!”

“Eat here or we both starve”

“Have you heard about $1 tacos?” – Helen Keller

“Wrap it, before you tap it! 1/2 off wraps”

“Now with FLUSHING TOILETS. Half off Wraps”

“Change your own damn sign. I QUIT”

“You missed it. I was naked putting this sign up”

“New sign guy needed. Apply inside”


“Pitchin tents for 35¢ Wings”

“Tell my boss I quit”

“This ladder is really unstable….”

“New Mgmt, Same Lousy Staff”

“$1 Tacos, Almost as fun as dancing nude on a truck”