HOUSTON — Some Dodger fans are apparently still stinging a little from the Astros 2017 World Series win.


Pitcher Justin Verlander learned that the hard way when he got his tab from a lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles which left a mighty bigger tab than he expected.


“Beverly Hills Hotel really making me pay for that World Series win,” he posted on Instagram, along with a photo of his $1,095,198.20 bill. “Thanks for the great lunch as always!”

The bill incorporated items of McCarthy salads, eggs, pancakes and a drink called the Green Envy. Directly beneath that was an off-the-menu thing known as the “Dodger Killer” at a charge of $1,000,000.


That jacked the tax up to 95,000 and some change.


It was all in great fun, obviously as Verlander had a nice laugh from it and it was later removed from the tab.


All around played, Beverly Hills Hotel.


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