The Rockets swung and missed on their biggest target of the off-season: Jimmy Butler. There isn’t much to blame on the Rockets side of things as Jimmy Butler reportedly denied a 5 year max contract from the Sixers to head to South Beach in Miami.

Image via CBS Sports

The Rockets were on Butler’s wish list if he was unable to head to Miami, but Miami was able to make the moves to take him there. Jimmy Butler reportedly wanted to be the first option on his own team, which explains why he also did not want to come to Houston. Where do the Rockets go from here?

After retaining their own players again such as Gerald Green, Daniel House and Austin Rivers, the Rockets have a couple of avenues to fill out their roster, mostly with veteran minimums and a portion to the taxpayer MLE (or non-taxpayer if the Rockets want to get hard capped).

The Rockets recently had meetings such up with JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney (before Looney signed his 3 year deal with the Warriors to return), but did not end up leaving with a deal. Nené recently retired and there’s a hole at the backup center position that needs to be addressed. The Rockets could play the young Isiah Hartenstein- if D’Antoni trusts him.

The Rockets had also had interest in Danny Green, the 3&D specialist from Toronto- but reports say he will await Kawhi’s decision before he makes his own.

The Rockets are expected to be aggressive with the players left on the market with the cap space they have left to offer. Another interesting target is Andre Iguodala who was recently traded from the Warriors to the Grizzlies. According to ESPN, the Rockets do have interest in Iguadola if he was to be bought out by the Grizzlies.

For now, it is a waiting game, but expect at least 2 more key additions to the Rockets roster within the next few days.


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