HOUSTON — A rapid pursue finished in upper east of Houston after a lady drove police on a long distance chase from Chambers County.

At a certain point, three HPD units attempted to enclose the driver however the driver could evade them.

A couple of minutes after the fact, she pulled over on the shoulder yet when a Texas DPS trooper moved toward her car with the firearm drawn, she took off once more.

Officers were at long last ready to trap the driver close Kingwood, right past the San Jacinto River. She was forced from the vehicle in the wake of disagreement to get out of the vehicle.

The pursuit started in on Interstate 10 preceding inevitably arriving on Highway 59 northbound. Different organizations were included.

The driver is associated with submitting a minor criminal offense before the pursuit. It’s not tidy why she took up.

HPD helped both the Harris and Chambers County sheriff’s workplaces in this chase.

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